Friday, February 20, 2015


Hello from Minneapolis! Woohoo! Cheers to a new city, new beginnings, and new explorations!

I have been wanting to take photos for the past few weeks I have been here, but as some of you may know Minneapolis is the consistently coldest city in the United States (yes, including Alaska). It's been a challenge to find a day without polar wind temperatures and/or a blizzard. That being said, today was relatively calm so I took advantage of my climate!

Dressing for the weather here is taking some adjusting.. most days it's even too cold for tights and a dress (sigh) and I've learned to really love my thick black jeans and my down-filled jacket. The key is layering.. Here I layered a black dress, long sleeved button down sweater, blazer, all over tights. I still had to wear a down coat over this but I'm sure you understand my desire to not photograph it!

Overall, I'm really loving this city so far! So much to do and soo many great restaurants (my wallet is not happy!) A friend of mine had the suggestion to take photos on the Minneapolis Stone Arch Bridge, which has this awesome view of part of the downtown skyline in the background- Can't wait to revisit this spot in the summer and sit along the Mississippi! 

Ps: I start my new job Monday! I will be working for the beloved US retail store Target! Wish me luck :)

Blazer: Altuzarra for Target
Faux Fur Scarf: Tj Maxx
Sweater (brown with stripes): Free People
Dress: F21
Boots: Minelli
Bag: Madewell