Monday, December 31, 2012


Happy New Year to all my wonderful readers and fans!!! I can't be more thankful for all the support I have received in the last two months of the start up of my blog. I hope the new year brings many great things to come here!! ;)

I chose this beautiful blue dress from for one of my New Year's parties!!! I cannot resist a beautiful circle skirt that flows with every twirl! I was a little engulfed in my girly side while photographing, if you can't tell! I added some navy lace tights, silver spikes, black leather, and of course a little sparkle.. what is new years without some sparkle!! My daddy picked out the tights and necklace for me for Christmas, he has great taste.
 Otherwise, I tried to keep it a little simpler.. I can see myself re-wearing this dress a million times with an oversized sweater and comfy ankle boots in the winter.. a nice sandal in the summer.. ahh the versatility of a beautiful dress!!

I will be back with a couple more posts from Chicago in the next few days! I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year's Eve & New Year's Day !!!

Much Love, xoxo

Boots: Jeffrey Campbell
Necklace, Tights: Christmas Gifts with Unknown origins (hehe)

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Textures and Detail

Have any of you guys gotten into the faux fur trend this winter? I really adore it. Most of it is becoming so plush and soft there would never be any reason to wear real fur (thankfully !) I actually found this vest at Forever which really surprised me because it feels luxurious and expensive.. I love when I make good finds there. Although it is VERY hit or miss for me.

And as most of you know I am truly obsessed with a neutral palette. Cream and gold just feel so lovely in the wintertime.. a little more effortless than all white, yet still playing off a similar cold weather vibe. I like to play with textures and details more than colors.. I just prefer it and find it to be less... obnoxious? For lack of a better term. However, I am so not used to seeing myself in HD with my new camera.. pardon my learning curve while I try to master these new lenses..!

I am in Chicago for a few days and then I will be going on a ski trip up north for New Year's Eve!! I can't wait. I am somewhat of a disaster on skis so everyone say a small prayer for me..

What are you all doing for NYE? Anything exciting?!


Faux Fur Vest: Forever 21
Gold Charmeuse Skirt: American Apparel
Dress (Worn as Top): Anthropologie
Bag: Akira
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Cosmos

I apologize for the lack of updating and the over-abundance of photos in this post. I just got my new EOS and I'm pretty much obsessed.. you can see the change in quality of the photos is just incredible. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and are already planning NYE celebrations just a few days away..

I really just am in straight-up love with this Cosmo Print Peplum top from INLOVEWITHFASHION .. I have received SO many compliments wearing it around.. I even wore it to a Christmas eve party. The quality is just lovely and the flowing back train with the slit is just oh so feminine. Not to mention, the colors are stunning and work with just about any accent color, I chose hot pink here because I thought it went lovely with this necklace & beanie I received for xmas.. :) I could not recommend shopping with them more highly!!

I still have my discount code so just enter OliviaShutey25 at the Checkout for 25% off!! You won't regret it!


I did promise I would announce my Giveaway winner on Christmas Day! I know I am (slightly) late but I did contact my winner yesterday if that makes a difference!

Congratulations Paola Pascua !! I emailed you so please check your inbox for more information!! Thank you SO much to everyone who entered.. I had such a hard time picking the winner that I had to ask my boy for help!! I wish I could have given away several dresses!! Thanks again to INLOVEWITHFASHION for such a wonderful giveaway, and thank you to everyone who entered. I will be having more soon!!


Cosmic Peplum Top: Inlovewithfashion!
Beanie: Anthropologie
Zipper Pants: Zara
Maroon Bag: Akira
Boots: Nine West
Coat: BCBG

Friday, December 21, 2012

Pattern Pops!

Hi Everyone! I hope you are enjoying your holiday seasons.. (and weather if you have it!) We were hit by winter Storm Draco here in Wisconsin where I visit for the holidays so it looks like we will DEFINITELY have a white Christmas this year, yay!

However, that means the weather is still pretty rough out there so it has kind of inhibited my photo taking. I have also been traveling quite non-stop and I am without my photographer !! So for the next week my Ootd updates may be more sporadic. No worries though.. I will do my very best! I already know I'm getting some fabulous clothes under the tree this year because, naturally, I picked them all out haha!! Do you all pick out your own gifts too? I think my parents find it stressful to pick out clothes for me.. they said it has something to do with a "high standard"..

Anyway, the good news is that this blog will be getting a MAJOR facelift soon since it has started to take off quite a bit!I ordered my new Canon EOS 60D with several new lenses(hopefully it will be here in a week or so), my tripod (so I don't have to worry about taking photos when I'm traveling by myself!), and I'm working on finding someone to update my graphics.. (if you are interested/ or know someone.. have them email me!) There are some Amazing things in store for this blog within the coming months.. trust me on that ;)!! Thank you to all my followers and supporters, I am SO grateful for you this Christmas!!

Just a casual update from some photos I took last week when the weather was much warmer in Cincinnati :) I hope the wind here dies down so I can go outside and shoot some lovely INLOVEWITHFASHION pieces in the snow! It looks like a wonderland out there!

Also, Don't forget that there is still some time to enter my INLOVEWITHFASHION GIVEAWAY! And use the coupon off your total purchase with my name at the checkout! Scroll down for more details!!

Best Always from me to all of YOU, XOXO!

Top: UO
Pleated Skirt: H&M
Necklace: Topshop
Heels: Jeffrey Campbell

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

California Winter

It's a sad sad day when your favorite Levi's ripped shorts are becoming too ripped to function.. they provided me some great wear over the years.. but they are slightly transforming into ripped underwear haha. I am not the one for overly short-shorts so I suppose they will be retired soon.. tear. 
I figured I would give them a final hurrah because we have been having the most abnormally warm winter in Cinci (yes, winter!) Something simple and comfortable. Also, I have about 10 loads of laundry to do so I had to make something out of what I have left in my closet . 

This mint beanie is my absolute favorite (although now slightly rivaled by a pink one I picked up for Anthropologie the other day). I tried to smile a little bit in these because you always get those people who say "ohhh you really don't ever smile in your photos!" I guess I have just always been self-conscious because I have had a lot of mouth surgery since I was born without two of my front teeth.. weird, I know! But the good news is, this will finally be done in a couple of weeks and I'll have a beautiful new smile!! I  can't wait :)

Hippy Flower Top: Free People
Shorts: Vintage/ DIY
Mint Beanie: UO
Cleatas: Jeffrey Campbell


I hope you all are having a wonderful time doing your Christmas Shopping.. Remember there is still plenty of time to enter my INLOVEWITHFASHION Giveaway where you can win a dress of your choice!! 

I am picking the winner on Christmas day so I ask you please leave me a comment on this entry following the directions from the previous one! Thanks to everyone who has entered so far.. I love reading through them!!!

Much Love, Always

Saturday, December 15, 2012


I'm feeling a little bit Wednesday Adams-esque in this outfit.. like if she maybe wore a little bit of color.  I love the fun pattern on this dress.. it's different and the combo of purple/white/and black feels a tad bit wintery to me.. which paired well with the somewhat gloomy day. I always feel a little weird about mixing leathers though.. does anyone else feel like that? Black leather, white leather.. oh well. This jacket from Akira is still one of my all time favorite pieces. I can't wear it enough and I just dont get sick of it.



So I've partnered up with the amazing British Brand and I'm so happy to announce my first giveaway with them/ and on my blog!!

Hoping for an extra special gift this holiday season? Love beautiful dresses like these?:

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5. Post the link to your favorite dress in my comments section, and briefly (1-2 sentences) tell my how you would style your favorite dress! Let me know that you have completed the above requirements. I will pick my favorite entry on Christmas!!

6.Leave me a valid email address so that I can contact you if you are chosen as the winner!

7. ANYONE is eligible to enter!!!!

Have Fun and Good Luck!!!!

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Happy Shopping! 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

All I want for Christmas..!

Hi all! I am currently cuddled in a corner of finals week depression and am unfit for the world to see.. Also, I have the flu. So naturally I have been browsing the interwebs and looking at pretty things all day.. 

I am the kind of person who, when someone asks me what I want for Christmas/birthday/etc, I say "errr  I don't really want anything!!" This is entirely FALSE. I don't know why I compensate with that answer. I desire many things..

So I decided to put together a little Christmas list for you all.. maybe send some inspiration to my fellow indecisive-s. All links to the products are included.. If you have a wish list on your blog- let me know! I would love to look through them.

Best always, and I'll post a new look AND the start of a new giveaway within the next couple of days.. keep checking back!! xoxo!




Miscellaneous Things

5. This YSL beauty is just a dream to own.. but if anyone has any suggestions for a similar skirt... PLEASE SPEAK NOW :)
12. Macaron Box (these are sold out almost everywhere!!)
13. Canon EOS D60 - My ultimate wish :)

So, I hope you all garnered a little inspiration..if anyone wants my shipping address- don't hesitate to ask ;)

and remember.. if you have a list you want me to see.. leave me a comment!!