Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's all about the Hair!

Loving my vintage dress and simple accessories today! I brought back my wavy hair for a while.. I love to change it up haha!

After being in NYC for a couple of weeks now, I've been reflecting on the concept of personal style pretty frequently. *Nearly everyone has their own style here.. Never exactly right or wrong, but always right for them. They're good at it because they have the New York "look." They ooze confidence in every aspect of their hair, clothing, shoes, accessories, tattoos, eye color, etc etc. This is important because the key to having a distinct personal style is (besides confidence) to have the whole package ...your hair AND your clothes have to rock (relative term).

Which brings me to my long-winded (but worthwhile) point! I LOVE my hair. It's my favorite part about my style.. it's something very unique about me. I cherish it.. which is why I am pretty picky about what I do to it and what I use to keep it beautiful:

What I'm Currently Using: Vidal Sassoon Pro Series
-Pro Series Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner (safe for color-treated hair like mine!)
-Pro Series 1 minute moisturizing hair mask (PERFECT for my bleached hair since it tends to be on the dryer side)
-Pro Series Heat Protectant Spray
-Pro Series Hairspray (what I've been trusting to keep my waves in place all day!)

I've been using the products for about two weeks now (after switching from a much more expensive brand) and I have to say I have noticed a HUGE difference in the shine of my hair. It is so shiny now! My hair tends to lack a lot of shine because of how light it is.. but these products have really kept the moisture & shine in.. and I mean it, I really do!

Do you guys have a favorite beauty/hair products? Would you want to try out the new Vidal Sassoon Pro Series? If you think you would like to try it out, or for a chance to win lots of other goodies, go:

To Enter Vidal Sassoon's Contest! You can enter everyday!!


Dress: Vintage
Hat: H&M
Sunglasses: Tom's 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer Bandeau

I absolutely love bandeaus. When summer calls for pretty little tops that require something pretty underneath, I always jump at the chance. However, most people I see wearing them don't get that creative. Since I would never completely bare my belly in public, I thought this beaded white mesh top was the perfect way to accent a lovely black lace bandeau. I wanted it to portray a fun and chic vibe that girls can feel comfortable in while still embracing the bandeau trend!

Victoria's Secret PINK makes such a great lace bandeau. They are an absolute summer necessity. Since both mesh and low/open back dresses are back in style.. I know for a fact I'll be wearing it over an over again.. After I found the perfect top, I knew that these wide leg polka dot pants would be the perfect pattern to pair with the delicate beading. It feels so chic yet still fun and wearable at the same time. I loved keeping it in a non-distracting black and white pattern and adding a tiny touch of neon. 

Overall I think I found a lovely way to show off your summer bandeaus and keep it classy at the same time! What do you all think? Hoping you are loving it as much as I do!!

Lace Bandeau: Victoria's Secret PINK (Get it here!)
Wide Leg Pants: Target
Beaded Crop Top: Chelsea & Violet
Heels: Boohoo
Bracelet: Marc by Marc Jacobs


Friday, May 24, 2013

Classy & Cropped

Crop tops everywhere (is what this season should be called). Like, they are literally EVERYWHERE.. Not that I'm complaining, because I love them. I think they are one of the most versatile clothing cuts ever created (bold statement, I know). But the point of the statement is, you can create so many different "types" of outfits with them. You can go fun, quirky, cute, pretty, and even chic with crop tops -  also a bold statement. 

However, I'm not really one for bearing my entire belly in public (unless the occasion calls for it, let's say a music festival). I really look for chic-er alternatives with the crop top.. such as layering them under a woven blazer like this lemon yellow Theory number. Adding high waisted bottoms instantly takes the class level from about 0-10. I highlyyyy recommend avoiding a low rise bottom with a crop top.. it's just not right. Add some quirky accessories and you have quite a lovely look, don't you think? The blazer was a splurge, I'll admit it, but there are plenty of other lovely alternatives in many colors. I highly suggest layering an inexpensive patterned crop top under a solid (or even another pattern) quality blazer. 

I think I'm ready for Paris! Hehe! 
To my US readers, Enjoy your long weekend!!!!
Everyone else, make your weekend the longest that you can, ;)

Blazer: Theory
Crop Top: F21
Jeans: BDG (UO)
Heels: Unknown
Hat: UO
Bag: Vintage


Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I am so sorry I've left you all for so long! I finally am all moved into my little nyc apartment and finally have wifi (thankfully!!!) I am working pretty long hours.. so in between all of that it has been a struggle even to get a second to sit down and edit my beloved blog.

However, I think I've got a decent routine/schedule going now so I should be able to update as frequently as I used to (I hope!). This post was shot a week or so ago before I left cincinnati, and I was picking up on some major graphic & athletic vibes right before I left. I paired a simple graphic 5Preview knit slub sweatshirt with my laser cut leather skirt and some Wang-esque Calvin Klein sneakers. I liked this look a lot, and even left my hair up for those of you who said you loved it that way! 

I'll be bringing you a new post soon!! But for now, off to the NYC grind I go !!! 

Sweatshirt: 5Preview
Skirt: Akira Chicago
Shoes: Calvin Klein
Glasses: Tom's

(thanks for being patient with me, ILU all !)


Monday, May 13, 2013



Hey guys! I can't believe this is my last post until NYC.. crazy how time flies. I'm moving in wednesday and couldn't be more excited. Hope i'll be able to meet some fellow readers while I'm there!

Today was a simple white look with my favorite emblem of the season.. the daisy/ sunflower. It's everywhere right now! And I love it because they are my favorite flowers. I love the detail of the blouse with the little yellow sequins and the collar tips.. I just paired it with some simple comfy white shorts and my super fun sparkly flats and called it a day. I pulled my hair up (which is a little unusual for me) and pulled out my FAVORITE new bag from 5Preview. They sent it especially to me because of my French ties, and I feel like the luckiest little chica. I can totally see myself bouncing around flea markets filling it up with little trinkets (one of my fave past times).

I've got two more suitcases to pack.. will it ever end/ can I hire someone to do this?! Love yall and the next time we speak I'll be a Brooklyn resident and will probably have to drop the "yall" (:

Blouse: Chicwish ( Get it here! )
Shorts: Zara
Sunglasses: Ray Ban
Shoes: Enzo Angiolini
Bag: 5 Preview (Not sold anymore)

Olivia !

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Casual Camo

I really love camo print. It totally brings me back to the 90's. I love it even more when it's updated with an amazing pair of coated black skinnies and glitter pumps. Yea, you heard me, glitter pumps..

Ok so it's not everyone's cup o' tea but I totally love this combo. It's like rock n roll glam barbie. I couldn't have done it without the amazing skinnies from Articles of Society! I mean, I had been searching for the perfect pair forever.. and then they just came to me ! Amazing. Did I mention I'm obsessed with this brand?

I just paired them with my super comfy camo tee and my bone necklace. I added the glitter pumps because we were going out with some friends and I found them "going-out" appropriate. They are so fun but super high and slightly dangerous. I opted for a pair of classic strappy black sandals during the day.

 My move to NYC is getting closer so I appreciate your patience with me while I get all situated and ready to go !

Tee: UO
Skinnies: Articles of Society ( Get them here! )
Heels: Aldo
Necklace: Indulgera


Monday, May 6, 2013

Walk in the Park


So the time is nearing for my big move to NYC! I found a little place in Brooklyn and can't wait to move in. I am so excited for this venture & and I'll now have SO many more blog opportunities! I know you guys are going to love what I have planned.

I've been in such a great mood lately with life flowing smoothly (knock on wood). Anyway, the good mood has sparked some good mood colors and I'm wearing less black and more soothing cool tones. I Just love the way this double peplum top is inspired by free form nature, yet has such a strong pattern. As I'm sure you notice, I was heavily inspired by my lush little garden surroundings.

I love the way vintage levi's stick out under long tops.. there's just something about it that it so cool-casual.. lame wording, but I think you can see what I'm sayin'. Plus my vintage inspired leather peep toes made the look all more likable and nostalgic.. ahh 

Top: Choies (Get it here!)
Shorts: Vintage
Sunglasses: Tom's 
Necklace: BCBG
Heels: Seychelles Shoes (Here!)

Cheers, Loves