Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sheena is a __


Soo here's a little switch up for you all. If you have been following my blog since the beginning back in November of last year.. this type of style is probably pretty familiar to you. It's definitely my comfort zone.. which may strike people as odd. I know my comfort zone is a little out of place with most other people's.. Anyway. Dressing a little rocker/punk/grunge/ whateveryouwannacallit is kind of my "thing." It's totally where my soul feels at ease (although, I totallyyyyyy also love to play with other styles, too).

The jeans are probably one of my new favorite pieces. I'm DYING over the black and red acid wash..they have a perfect in-between middle-high rise, make my butt look great, and are absolutely perfect in every way. Articles of Society may be my new favorite brand of denim, and have I mentioned how affordable they are..? I'll let you check out the brand in the link below for yourselves. You don't get a much better mix of style savvy and affordable than AOS denim.

I paired my amazing denim with an adorable tie-dyed crop tank from inlovewithfashion and that really cool bone necklace I got last week. The jacket I've worn on numerous occasions and it was handmade by moi. Thinking of adding some sweet patches to it, say circa '96 ? What do you think?

Jeans: Articles of Society ( Check them out here! )
Top: Inlovewithfashion (Get it here!) (Use code "Apriltreat25" at checkout fro 25% off)!
Jacket: DIY
Necklace: Indulgera
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Tardy Boot
Bag: Coach


Thursday, April 25, 2013



These smilies totally take me back to growing up in the 90's (you all remember joe boxer and lisa frank.. all about smiley faces). I'm so glad they're being plastered on clothing again. Something about it is so cute and grungey at the same time, which I love.

I paired this seriously rad smiley circle skirt with a simple cropped gray sweater and some combat boots, along with a bright yellow beanie. I don't wear beanies that often, but I thought this ensemble was screaming out for one. 

Overall I like keeping it simple and black with a touch of trendy. It's generally a fail-proof way of creating an on point outfit. Hope you guys like it!!

Skirt: Sheinside (Here)
Sweater: BCBG
Boots: Target
Hat: UO
Bracelet : Marc By Marc
Shades: BF's


Monday, April 22, 2013

The Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes

I'm not really sure how you can get chic-er than a light pink satin trench coat.. I've been waiting for the perfect day to make something beautiful of it. Now, it looks gorgeous with just a slip underneath and tied at the waist with a nice peep toe heel.. but I wanted to make it more fun, more exciting.

So when I received this amazing kaleidoscope print dress from inlovewithfashion I was like.. AH HAH. I know what I'm going to wear with that trench! It's a quirky outfit and I am in love with the colors. I added plenty of fun accessories like my new fave necklace with bones cascading down like chain mail (interesting description, I know!).

What do you all think about pairing a statement dress with a classic jacket? I think i'll have to try it out with some other things I have stuck in my closet, since I loved this one so much! Hope you all have a fabulous Monday (:

Dress: (Get it here!)
Pink Trench: BCBG MaxAzria
Accessories: Earrings: Topshop, Bracelet: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Heels: Zara

Cheers xox!

*Also- Congratulations to my Olivu Giveaway winner Stephanie Huang ! Check you email dear! XO We will have another soon!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Red Velvet

Hey All! I just got back from a little trip to NYC so my week was super duper crazy, so I apologize for the little bit of a delay! The awesome news is- I got my internship and will be moving to NYC this summer! So, definitely some awesome plans for the blog!!

I have been pondering a way to incorporate this awesome/weird red vest into my wardrobe, and since the weather has finally hit a consistent 70/75 degrees.. I figured it would be a good time to break it out! I just paired it with a simple striped tee and my signature black skater skirt from Nasty Gal, and of course my burgundy cap. I don't like to be too fussy in the warm air so I like that it's simple, summery/rocker style, but still super chic.

My legs seem rather transparent even in the warm air.. so, note to myself, buy some self tanner. Haha. Anyway, I have some super amazing brand collabs coming up including Volcom, Victoria's Secret, Inlovewithfashion, Choies, and Sheinside! I have beaucoup beaucoup beaucoup photos to take so look forward to some fun posts from me soon!

Hope you all have a lovely Thursday and that your weather is as springy and as beautiful as mine!

Vest: Thrifted (think it's possibly UO brand)
Striped Tee: F21
Skater Skirt: Nasty Gal
Heels: BCBG
Hat/Belt: H&M

Love y'all

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Knits & Denim

I hope you all are enjoying a (hopefully) fabulous Saturday so far! The weather has been warming up significantly and consistently- I am SO happy to get rid of the coats!!! So I took a little stroll around some shops and of course starbucks in a light spring look complete with signature Spring-White jeans!

Confession- I have never owned white jeans up until this point. I have always been way too self-concious of my muscular ballerina legs until now. However, these were too cute to pass up and I think the little Aztec detailing at the hips and cute zippers on the back are so fun. I paired it with a super slouchy knit and a light scarf & black hat. I hope you guys will forgive me for being a tad hypocritical this post, as my nearly my whole look is from H& M (right after saying I don't really shop there! HAH!) Some things from H&M are just a little too cute to pass up.. Also, as you can see, I still haven't taken these darn heels off!

I also said I would pick the winner for my giveaway today!! I will be emailing the winner today and then announcing next post- so keep an eye in your inbox today!! I hope you all have a lovely weekend! Enjoy your (hopefully) sunshine (:

Sweater: H&M
Jeans: H&M
Hat: Jessica Simpson (via Nordstrom)
Shoes: Boohoo

Olivia xox!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hey All! I had a pretty good response from my readers saying that they would appreciate a little FAQ segment, or that they would like to get to know me as a person a little bit better. So I put together some commonly emailed questions, and just little tid bits about me! Hope you enjoy this silly little post (:

What does your blog name mean? How did you come up with it?
: La Voyageuse roughly translates to "the traveler" in French. I speak French and travel quite frequently, and it sounds very pretty when pronounced. Overall, I hope to start documenting my travels as I wean myself away from school.. more looking into the future!

Where are you from?
:I am from Ohio, a state in Northeast United States where there are a lot of cows, crops, and a couple of major cities like Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati.

What are your hobbies?
: I have always been an avid reader and writer. I enjoy exploring new places and cultures. I love to horseback ride, and love animals. I also love city life and enjoy shopping, foodie activities, and just being with friends. I've always been a painter and enjoy creating art in my spare time. I am rather "normal" in this respect!

How did you get to work with Seventeen Magazine?
: I was very lucky to be contacted by them last fall, and was asked to be on their Style Council for this year! It has been an absolutely wonderful experience so far, and they truly have the kindest and most down-to-earth people working there.

How do you get your hair in perfect waves?
: My hairstyle kind of took me quite a while to perfect! I basically use a 1- inch barrel curler (I recommend Hot Tools) and wrap medium sized pieces around the barrel in different directions (that is the real trick). Don't use the clamp! I use a little bit of texturizing product and shine spray, and that's about it!

If I want to start a blog, what is your advice?
:If you think you will be very committed and passionate about being a blogger, I would say go for it! It is important to realize that becoming a successful blogger takes a lot of time and patience. Gaining followers is (usually) not an overnight process. Be real and honest in your posts, don't hide behind facades or fancy brands.. readers care more about a unique sense of styling than expensive clothing that looks thrown together. Also, be kind, be patient, avoid vulgarity, and just be yourself and everything will work out!

What kind of Camera do you use, who takes your pictures?
: I use a Canon EOS 60D with a 50 mm f1.8 lens. My boyfriend photographs me, he is very talented!

How do you stay so thin?
: Sadly, I receive this question more frequently than any other question. I am just naturally of small stature.. I am about 5 feet 6 inches and around 103 lbs. I am very tiny.. but I eat a lot! I drink a lot of water, and I enjoy being outdoors. I have no secrets really.. I was just born this way and will always encourage girls to embrace their natural body type. I have insecurities just like every other girl and have had to overcome them too! I actually didn't even want to start a blog in the first place because I was uncomfortable with my body.. but once you learn to accept and love what you have, everything else becomes a lot easier, and your life becomes a lot happier!

Favorite Color/ Food/ Etc!
: I love the colors blue and orange.. shades of those colors make me very happy. My favorite food is definitely anything potato- french fries, home fries, baked potato, mashed potato, pierogies.. you name it, If it's got potato in it I will eat it! I also love southern food like mac & cheese, fried chicken.. mm! My favorite drinks are coffee and Iced Black Tea! I love espresso!

What's your sign?
: I am a Pisces. Through and through. Every little detail fits my persona and I completely embrace it.

What do you want to do when you are out of school?
: I definitely want to work in the fashion industry, hopefully at a place where I can help inspire young girls to be themselves. I am not interested in the hoighty-toighty side of fashion. I love designers, I love runway, I love models.. I enjoy watching and keeping up with them all very thoroughly, but I am not interested in working in them.. at least not at the beginning!

Where do you shop/like to shop?
: I love to shop all places really. I have recently gotten away from shopping at place like Forever 21 and H&M because the quality is rather poor. I also work at Nordstrom, which is an upscale department store very similar to Galleries or Saks Bloomingdales etc, so I also enjoy shopping there. I love vintage clothing and could spend endless days combing thrift store racks. Not to mention I love the favorites like Topshop, Urban Outfitters, Zara, etc. I enjoy shopping online at Nasty Gal and Tobi too!

Do people make fun of what you wear?
: Directly, almost never. However, I occassionaly hear snide remarks, see girls snickering. It's always girls, boys don't really mind what you wear. I have just learned to not care about what others think or say. You will be much better off that way.

Why do you love France so much?
: I first traveled to France when I was 13 years old, and have been there 3 subsequent times. I love absolutely everything about France. Culture, Language, Scenery, People, Food..everything. 

What are you going to be doing this summer?
:Hopefully moving to NYC then moving to Paris in the fall!!

What motivates you to blog?
: My amazing readers and their kindness. The fact that they are inspired by my outfits and express genuine appreciation (: I love them!

Ok so.. I know its a rather random assortment of questions but these are ones that I am frequently asked! Now is the time, that if you have any others, ask my in my 'comments' section! Thanks lovelies, have a wonderful day and I'll bring you a new outfit post tomorrow!!


Monday, April 8, 2013

Decades of Inspiration

Hello ladies & gentlemen! When I get bored with my closet or feel a lack of inspiration for a new great look.. I always center my spirit and aura around a fabulous vintage piece.  There is so much history and beauty awakened from them!

I was lucky enough to receive this absolutely stunning vintage feather cap from my boyfriend's parents for my birthday a couple of weeks ago. They believe it is from the early 1920's. It is absolutely one of the greatest gifts I have ever received! I decided to pair it with a super fun 90's inspired MinkPink frock and a shawl from F21 that I believe was intended to be worn as lingerie of some sort. However, its super flowy and looks fabulous paired with such a whimsical dress.

I paired it with some usual go-to accessories, long necklace, fringe bag, and some ripped tights and my spike lita's. Overall it is a really interesting look mixed of many generational influences.. which I really adore. Sometimes you just have to be a little courageous and open minded with your wardrobe.. don't stick to one decade.

Dress: MINKPINK (Get it here!)
Shawl: F21
Hat: Vintage
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Bag: Target


Ps: I get a lot of really sparsely related questions throughout the week (in regards to everything from my haircut to my camera, etc etc...) Would you all be interested in an FAQ post? Let me know ! (:

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


A beautiful Pink skirt definitely makes every girl's day a little better, wouldn't you say? I absolutely love that the weather is holding out and spring is really in the air! My layers are getting lighter and more colorful and I couldn't be more pleased. I went out for a little lunch and stroll around the city today and thought it was about time to bring out the pink.

I layered a black and white flannel under this amazingly soft Topshop Sweater I picked up around my birthday. It actually says "Apundne te vel me" (the "me" is tucked into my skirt hehe) which I suppose means "your place or mine" in latin. However, the kind sales lady told me it is not entirely grammatically correct..who knows! I definitely have no knowledge of latin, I just thought the script was beautiful and the sweater is as soft as a baby polar bear. I paired it with my fabulous skater skirt from Nasty Gal, and some cute black and gold accessories! 

Super girly and I'm ok with it! Probably one of my favorite outfits I've put together in a while! Hope you all have a fabulous rest of your week, you're the best! 

Sweater: Topshop
Skirt: Nasty Gal
Plaid: F21
bag: F21