Saturday, March 30, 2013


Yay! I love the first day of the year where you are able to break out a cute new pair of shorts and shoes!!! I spent the day walking and wandering downtown in some amazingly beautiful springtime weather. Chose to pair these adorable oxblood studded shorts from Choies with a big cozy knit, a super cute tie-dye circle scarf, and these pretty amazing Valentino look-alikes from boohoo! 

I love all the tiny gold details in the outfit! I think it really makes the colors of the outfit pop! Plus all the cutout details in the sweater... there's always something great about a simple outfit with pretty little details.. makes you feel super feminine & well put together!

Shorts: Choies (Get them here!)
Heels: (similar here!)
Sweater: Gift
Hat: H&M
Sunnies: Ray-Ban
Scarf: UO


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Natural Beauty (Giveaway!)

      Hey Readers, today I am bringing you one of my FAVORITE things.. All natural beauty products!!

Olivu 426 is one of my all time favorite sources for beauty products... I love anything that's all natural and organic.. food, candles, clothing, you name it! Especially products us ladies love to put on our skin.. it's only natural that your skin looks beautiful if you use ingredients found in nature. 

But really, I am addicted to this stuff. My cousin Caitlin started creating her all natural beauty products all by hand a couple of years ago.. and needless to say.. I really can't live without them. All of her beauty products are made with all natural/organic ingredients and each product is hand-made. Which means, you guessed it, they are all completely customizable. 

Now readers, I am not biased as I do my research.. you know I review many products that I receive on this site.. but this is the first time I've actually gone to someone, to ask their permission if I could do a review.. that's how much I love this stuff.

My current favorites are the roll on perfume in "Secret Wonderland" and my Dark Red lipstick in "Paris Merlot" (the lipstick especially makes me feel wonderful because I know for a fact I'm not putting any harsh chemicals, metals, or weird ingredients near my mouth where it is possible to ingest them).

I've gotten quite a few of my close friends completely addicted to her product, so here I'm going to try and spread the news/addiction to my readers (hehe). To celebrate me reaching my 200 bloglovin' followers, I'm going to give away an Olivu 426 Gift basket to one lucky reader!!!

All you have to do is:

1.Follow me on bloglovin'/ like my page on facebook (if you haven't already)
2. Like Olivu 426 on Facebook by clicking HERE!
2. Leave your name & Email in my comments section (tell me that you've liked/followed please)
3. Tell me the one organic item you would love to try ( You can browse her website to view all of her products!)

*Only US residents please

Visit Olivu 426 : HERE

I'll pick a reader completely at random in about a week or two!!

Best of Luck!! XOXO


Monday, March 25, 2013

Flower Garden

We finally had a taste of spring weather a couple of days ago (as I write this it is snowing..ugh..ohio), so I decided I would go all out in full Spring color and floral pattern! Aren't these jeans divine? I am just obsessed. It paired perfectly with this lavender wrap sweater that's just cozy and warm enough for spring to not need a jacket. Paired with a little floral bralette, spiked heels, my Lennon shades, and some girly accessories.. I shopped a little market down the street with my Boy (:

This outfit is a little hippy, a little rock & roll, a little girly.. which is why it is so wearable to me!! All my styles in one! Not to mention, I am so in love with my things that I can curl up and feel oh-so-comfortable in and my little lavender sweater from boohoo takes the ultimate slice of cake.. I've got it coming in another color soon (I am bad, I know!) And paired with the jeans.. I could literally wear this outfit everyday. I love finding pants with special details on them. They are one step away from gaudy but they aren't quite there yet, hehe! What do you all think about patterned jeans? 

Pants: Insight Denim 
Cross Wrap Sweater: Boohoo Clothing ( Get it here!!)
Shades: Ray Ban
Accessories: Various
Shoes: BCBG Paris


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Denim Days

It's absolutely no secret that I love denim. Denim in all forms is a GREAT thing. Personally, the more vintage the denim the better. However, sometimes the 80's sleeves and hugely oversized feel don't really do it for me when it comes to jackets... So when I found this more modern jacket with a vintage-y feel I was so in love. It has been adding the perfect amount of grunge to all of my outfits for about the last week or so.

Today was just a typical freezing day on campus so obviously I keep things simpler. I just paired a comfy sweatshirt with some dark skinnies and my torn up jean jacket and some studded leather booties. Not claiming it is novel by any standard, but it's a super cute alternative to the typical campus outfit you see time and time again.. I don't think I even need to describe it for you. Besides, I love mustard & red together so overall I found it a pretty successful casual campus look.

Jacket: Leith (Here!)
Jeans: Zara
Sweatshirt: Sheinside (Get it here (different color)!)
Boots: Aldo
Bag: Target

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Totally in love with rompers .. I think I have been since a very wee age, this beauty from Shop Akira just happens to be in my one of my all time favorite colors, Olive! Maybe I am biased because Olive has been one of my nicknames since foreverrrr but I really am in love with it. It is the only shade of green I like. ONLY. 

I paired this super fun outfit with my army studded cap, gunmetal necklace, and a gold chain mail bag to bring out the little gold rivets on the midsection. I kept it simple and fun for what could easily be an adorable "going-out" outfit with the girls (noting this for later). I love that it's A: Flowey and B: Chiffon, which makes it super wearable for the summertime. Which by the way, seems to be taking an awfully long time to peek its head... I need some warmth up in here!

But this week I have some other cute outfits coming your way including a "campus casual" based on some requests to document what I wear prancing from class to class (more like dragging myself from class to class, but I'll remain optimistic). Plus I have my first beauty update featuring my all-time favorite organic beauty supplies! Say YEAAA!

Romper: Akira Chicago (Get it here!!)
Shoes: BCBG
Bag: F21
Hat: UO


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Shopping on Michigan Ave

So this is something I wore last weekend on my birthday to go shopping on Michigan Ave in Chicago.. one of my all time favorite places. There's something about the city of Chicago that I just love.. and it's not just Topshop. Obviously these photos weren't taken on mich. ave. because let's be honest, I didn't want 10,000 people staring and glaring at me for taking photos. 

It was pretty cold so obviously needed to layer up for walking around by the lakefront. A lot of people seem to think that Boho is more of a summer style.. which I tend to agree with.. but I think this is what I would call a pretty good example of a way to do Boho in the winter! It's more about layering and texture. I wore some cute polka dot tights, tawny leather boots, an olive pleated skirt from Nasty Gal (obsessed with this skirt), a cropped sweater and some boho accessories. We also can't forget about my sheep parka. I specifically loved the colors & textures in this look.. I get so bored with winter layering sometimes I have to jazz it up a bit! Pray for springtime soon please!

Coat: BCBG
Skirt: Nasty Gal
Boots: Madewell
Tights: BCBG
Bag: Target


Thursday, March 14, 2013


So I get asked a lot what I wear when I'm lounging around my apartment doing homework, cooking, watching tv.. you get the point. This is something that Indeed just threw on the other day to lounge around and in and I was like.. "Hey, this is cute! I'm gonna photograph it really quick!" So I ran out to the back and took a couple pics.. so you know this is genuine! It was way too cold to actually wear it (queue cold pale leg syndrome).. and obviously im not lounging around in Lita's buttttt I threw them on for good photographic measure.

I love lounging in rompers like this adorable pink & blue one from Papaya clothing because when you're laying around you don't get all muddled up and uncomfortable.. if that makes sense. Nothing too tight or uncomfortable. Then I always have a trusty baggy cardigan to keep my cozy.. and always an accessory because I just feel completely naked without somethingggg pretty on my neck/ears/wrists/etc.  Seriously.. I challenge you to find a more adorable, comfortable, lovely item of clothing for 15$. Don't even try sweatpants.. I never wear sweatpants ;)

Romper: Papaya Clothing (Find similar here!)
Cardigan: BCBG
Hat: Anthropologie
Heels: Jeffrey Campbell


Monday, March 11, 2013

Seeing Stars

This was one of my super fun birthday weekend outfits!! I turned the big 21 on Saturday so naturally I wanted to prance around Chicago in something super fun and girly. The snow was melting and it was surprisingly beautiful weather, so I paired my yellow starry sweater  and lacey blouse underneath with my little white tutu- esque skirt with some fun red accessories and and my new favorite pair of t-strap heels! Can you believe I got this adorable red fringe bag & and this sweater from Target? I swear I always find good stuff there.

I know my posts have been a little sparser lately, I just started a new job, and had a week of midterms (still continuing this week.. yuck!) and then my birthday so I felt like my head was spinning for a little while! However, I managed to get a couple cute sets of photos over the weekend and have some lovely pieces to shoot this week (plusssss I did a little bit too much bday shopping on Michigan ave..) ANYWAY! 

I hit 40,000 blog hits last week.. that's 40,000 in 4 months of my blog being up. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I surely don't compare myself to other bloggers..but in my mind that makes me feel amazing. Your continued support and amazing comments make this all worthwhile, and is the best bday gift I could ask for!!

Blouse: Papaya Clothing
Hat: H&M
Sweater: Target
Skirt: Chicwish
Heels: BCBG
Bag: Target


Thursday, March 7, 2013

Like a Boy

I decided to experiment with a more masculine look and I am pretty pleased with the results.. I usually tend to avoid such looks because my legs are (sadly) NOT 3 miles long and I think playing with menswear inspired looks at a shorter stature tends to become a little tricky. Perhaps I am just overly paranoid in my philosophy, but I generally find myself agreeing when I do attempt to experiment with the matter.

I think the key is really playing with proportion and keeping the shoes feminine. Perhaps some can use a loafer or a cute oxford, but for me, I need the extra height and femininity! I just tucked a casual low cut blouse (again, another small feminine detail) into some basic low rise work pants. That alone was too masculine of a proportion for me so I added this long camel and black trench. Now.. I know the coat itself is very masculine, but somehow, it somewhat negated the masculinity of the white and black work-wear. I believe it to be in the length.. the long hem of the coat definitely breaks up my long torso. 

Overall, I was pretty pleased with the way I accomplished a little masculine with touches of femininity! What do you guys think? Do you find it fun to kind of experiment with trends like this??

PS: I need suggestions on what to wear for my big 21st Birthday this weekend! I'll be going out in Chicago so leave me your suggestions.. I can't do this alone (haha, I'm stressing out!)

Coat: BDG (UO)
Blouse: H&M
Pants: Express
Heels: BCBG