A little bit about the girl... (besides the fact that she likes fashion)

Self-described coffee, art, and leather enthusiast who enjoys painting, drawing, sketching, and coloring inside the lines.

Slightly perfection-ist.

Has two fat Weimaraners (prefers to call them extremely huggable) and wishes she had more dogs to baby. Also has a bearded dragon named Prince Suki who refuses to grow to an acceptable size and likes to take long naps in strange positions.

Oddly enough, she is very introverted and prefers to spend her time reading classic novels, taking photos, shopping with her Dad, and hanging out with Matthew.

This is Matthew (with me):

He takes the photos and is pretty cute, right?

She grew up in middle-of-nowhere Ohio and has always stuck out like a sore thumb. She now studies French and International Business at a University in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. She will be spending the Fall of 2013 in Paris studying (A.K.A eating 1,000 coconut macarons, drinking too much espresso, and spending way too much money on well-tailored clothing.)

She enjoys speaking and writing in French has traveled there multiple times, and would prefer to live there. She also loves NYC:

You can feel free to speak to her in either language.

Her favorite designers are Alexander Wang, Yves Saint Laurent, Olivier Theyskens, Karl Lagerfeld, etc, etc.. 

She hopes to inspire average people to become style conscious.

The blog is personal sharing space that allows her creativity to function in such an uncreative area of the world. She hopes to bring fashion awareness to the midwest.


Camera: Canon D60 with 50 mm f 1.8 lens
-> I use Adobe Lightroom for editing.


  1. Your blog is incredibly amazing. I visit it everyday hoping to see a new outfit! :)You're a stunning person, obviously inside and out, and you inspire me non-stop to step up my style! Le français est effectivement une vraiment belle langue, et si tu es intéressée à décourvrir d'autres endroit que la France, il y a toujours le Québec (Canada) qui a de très beaux endroit. La ville de Québec c'est vraiment beau! xox

    1. wow thank you SO SO SO much ! I appreciate that more than anything... I hope you keep in touch. Je voudrias venir a Montreal (:

    2. Montréal c'est super pour le magasinage!Il y a beaucoup de boutiques vintage... Je te conseil vraiment de passer par Québec aussi, au moins pour 1-2 journées, juste pour voir les vieux bâtiments. Et c'est super pour prendre des photos! And youre welcome, dear :) I'm thinking of starting my own blog soon, Ill let you know if you want... xo

  2. Love it! Love your style! Love what your doing with your time on here in this realm. Keep up the good work.....

    1. thank you so much love, Im so glad you are enjoying it! xoxo

  3. I found your blog through some other blogs and I absolutely adore it!
    You're super cute and I LOVE your style!!
    Also you must be awesome because we share a name... hehehehe