Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lacey Days


I have this problem that whenever I see a pretty lace dress, I have to have it. Perhaps it is the inner little girl in me, but I just absolutely love lace. This black&white lace dress from Sheinside is absolutely the perfect lace dress. I love when a dress kind of just feels effortless and funky at the same time.. I use effortless a lot to describe clothing, it is the key to a good wardrobe. If it doesn't feel like you are fussing over your outfit, you won't look like you fussed over it. Not to mention, I love the 60's vibe. I was nervous when I ordered it because it seemed on the short side.. but overall, not too bad!

I decided to treat you all with an update two days in a row (: I have so many new outfits to show off I just couldn't wait to post this one as it is one of my favorites. I stopped in an atrium downtown to take some photos, and it was my first time using a little flash photography. Normally, that is an absolute NO-NO for my photos, but I figured I would give it a go !

Hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday, only two more days until Friday and a new entry from me! Lace is my way of updating my spring wardrobe? How do you all plan to do it? Let me know in the comments!

Dress: Sheinside (Click Here to get it!)
Hat: UO
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell (Jeffrey Campbell @ Nastygal)
Clutch: F21



  1. You're so pretty! I love the dress, I want it!

  2. Oh my god, how perfect is that dress?


  3. This is perfection. I wish I was bold enough to buy a dress like this online! That would be wonderful, and you look fantastic :)

  4. Hello Olivia!
    I saw your look on lookbook and I love it! Lovely dress :)

    Liliana from Um Blog Fashion

  5. Super super cute! Love the edgy twist of your heels/dress combo :D


  6. You look adorbs. I actually ordered this dress recently (FYI, they must have replenished because they have almost 1000 units on hand now)and like you, I've got some concerns about the length. They didn't offer any measurements so I hope it's not too short. Would you mind letting me know how tall you are? I'm 5'4" and I'm 33 yrs old so I'm hoping it runs a little longer on me than it does on you...once you hit a certain age it feels a little silly to be running around with short hemlines. Thanks! -Gubba22

    1. Oh thank you! I will have to look and update my link (: It is pretty short on me.. I'm 5'6" so you will have a couple inches of length to work with! Also, I have a VERY long torso, so dresses ALWAYS tend to look shorter on me than they actually are! I think it should work for you! xoxo

  7. oooh this dress is so pretty and I love your hair! you look great!

  8. you look amazing!

  9. Not sure if you know this or not, but I just saw on pinterst that with a student id you can get 15% off online at topshop! you post a lot of outfits on there, so I though I'd let you know. Cute outfit by the way (:

  10. That dress....well it's abso-bloody-lutely gorgeous.

  11. That's such a perfectly lovely dress. It looks effortless, and the light/dark contrast adds a nice touch. I'm obsessed with lace as well... My collection is getting ridiculous. Also, congratulations on getting featured on nasty gal's Instagram!

  12. I love everything about this outfit!

  13. gorgeous outfit! that is such a cute stunning dress! You look aamzing in it :D

    Hayley xx

  14. Your lovely hair is extra perfect in these shots.........

    oh actually make me want to cut my almost mid back tresses......and copy your page boy....

    Jayme, your ballet and fashion guy fan in the USA