Thursday, May 2, 2013


Pardon my goofiness, but all the quirky cute colors in this outfit had me unable to resist the temptation..kind of like a little kid on the playground! This outfit is totally something I can wear on a day-to-day basis.. comfy quirky essentials that you can mix and match with just about anything. 

I'm actually obsessed with this Volcom colorfully striped cardigan and I believe I wore it 4 out of the 5 days last week.. (exaggerating slightly). But really. It goes with everything and it totally brightens up my dark wardrobe. I paired it with these adorable Chambray Volcom shorts, which I have been lusting after for the impending summer season right around the corner. Volcom is just really great at creating effortless california fab.. is it ok to put it that way? I think so. I paired the two staples with an original feather hearts tee and my adorable new daisy sandals gifted to me from the lovely folks at BC footwear (they're so 90's and I LOVE it).

Do you guys like wearing throwing a bunch of eclectic pieces together? Sometimes it works out (like so) and yea .. I get it.. sometimes it doesn't. But when it does work out, it makes for the perfect outfit to rock on a casual summer day (:

Cardigan: Volcom Women (Get it here!)
Shorts: Volcom Women (Get it here!)
Tee: Feather Hearts (Check out all the Tee's here!)
Sandals: BC Footwear (Get em here!)
Hat: H&M

Cheers my lovelies!

(Did I mention I'm a total goofball?)


  1. I think this outfit is one of my favorites.. its so fun and colorful plus I like that you are having fun too!

  2. Lovely dear... the outfit is on point

  3. wow pretty cool combo !!

  4. love these colors! those sandals are amazing too.


  5. cute outfit! and im loving the posing!

    Hayley xx

  6. I love your hairrrr!! great outfit!! so much fun! (:


  7. Heheh this is cute :) I love the colours!
    I'm not sure if I've ever said this but your photos are always so amazing, so clear. What camera do you use?

  8. Super cute outfit! I totally love mixing eclectic stuff together and can never not good around when taking photos, half of them are usually of me making stupid faces :'D

    Lots of love,

  9. You are so freaking gorgeous! Love the cardigan and the shorts xxx