Monday, March 25, 2013

Flower Garden

We finally had a taste of spring weather a couple of days ago (as I write this it is snowing..ugh..ohio), so I decided I would go all out in full Spring color and floral pattern! Aren't these jeans divine? I am just obsessed. It paired perfectly with this lavender wrap sweater that's just cozy and warm enough for spring to not need a jacket. Paired with a little floral bralette, spiked heels, my Lennon shades, and some girly accessories.. I shopped a little market down the street with my Boy (:

This outfit is a little hippy, a little rock & roll, a little girly.. which is why it is so wearable to me!! All my styles in one! Not to mention, I am so in love with my things that I can curl up and feel oh-so-comfortable in and my little lavender sweater from boohoo takes the ultimate slice of cake.. I've got it coming in another color soon (I am bad, I know!) And paired with the jeans.. I could literally wear this outfit everyday. I love finding pants with special details on them. They are one step away from gaudy but they aren't quite there yet, hehe! What do you all think about patterned jeans? 

Pants: Insight Denim 
Cross Wrap Sweater: Boohoo Clothing ( Get it here!!)
Shades: Ray Ban
Accessories: Various
Shoes: BCBG Paris



  1. SO gorgeous!! I love it!

  2. totally loving the pants in this look.. those are really cool!

  3. Totally love this! The jeans are gorgeous, and the sweater goes perfectly xxx

  4. ok dear, i really do not know what i want more, your perfect wrap top our your luxurious pants? send me both ♥

  5. cute outfit! Its different but i really like it, it looks awesome :D I loveeee those jeans ;)

    Hayley xx

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  7. What a unique sweater!!! This is an incredible look! (: the floral print pants are simply amazing.


  8. Lovely look all around!! XOXO

  9. Those jeans are awesome! Love the outfit! :)

  10. Never in a million years would I have thought to wear those jeans, but you make them look so fabulous! I just might have to be on the lookout for similar pants! :)

  11. everything looks good, but your jeans are amazing! wow! :)

    warm greetings from cold Poland :)

  12. I love this! Your sweater and jeans are amazing--great styling!

    Best wishes,

  13. always the blossoming beauty!