Monday, September 16, 2013

Bonjour de Cannes!

Bonjour!!!! I am finally in France! I had a two day stop in London and I wish I could have brought you some photos.. but it rained everyday. Hard. So .. I bring you this beautiful scenery instead (Although, you are really beautiful too London).

Thought I would mix in some scenery too because My outfit is simple & breezy to cope with the hot sun here (I am trying to extend my summer.. obviously.. london you were COLD). It is only my second day in Cannes and I have about 12 more days here, so I will bring you many more photos. I will be traveling downtown tonight for the first time so I cannot wait to photograph it :)

Cannes this week, Monaco on Saturday, St. Tropez on Sunday ( I know, my life is difficult right now). So look forward to some posts coming! My beautiful roommate here has been so kind to agree to take my photos while in France, thank goodness. I will probably be starting non-outfit-photo posts too.. kind of like a travel diary! I hope that interests you all!

Dress: Mes Demoiselles Paris
Shoes: Prada
Bag: Madewell



  1. It's so nice to see these!

  2. You look stunning- what a beautiful view! I really love the sunglasses and the colour of your dress is perfect xo

  3. Lovely photos, amazing look. :) Even though it's kind of simple, you know how to make it outstanding and special. Perfect! :)

  4. that dress is perfection. all your outfits are incredible, you have pure talent.
    Enjoy Paris!

  5. You look so happy here! Rally nice pictures xx

  6. My jaw dropped when I looked through these photos- they are so beautiful! I am so jealous of your life and your clothes, ahhhh! Travel diary photos sound wonderful, too.

    Xo, Hannah

    1. Aww thanks Hannah! I have crappy internet here but have a post from Monaco coming soon :) xo

  7. ahhh gorgeous! I totally love this look and scenery

  8. You look adorable!!

  9. I hope you are having fun! Are you there on business or are you living there permanently?

  10. Wow,this is so amazing. Totally love it <3