Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lady Leather

Hello lovely readers, another set of photos from blustery Chicago. I figured I would give my new Zara knee-high leather boots a go when I left for the airport. Do you guys feel like you have to increase your fabulousness for the airport.. or decrease it? I always tend to increase even though I'm usually riding the "struggle bus" to find my gate, carry my suitcase(s), etc etc.

I know Camo is getting to the point where it's a little over-played now.. but I can't help but still love this jacket. It has become similar to a neutral for me.. stripes work well with it, polka dots, graphic patterns.. not to mention it goes with just about any color. I see myself keeping it current for quite a while.

Anyway, now the holiday season is over so I will be heading back to Cincinnati for classes on Sunday.. mega BLAH. But the good news is that I have some really exciting projects coming up for the blog within the next couple of months and I cant WAIT to unveil them to you all. Also, I have some new collaborations with Banana Taipei coming up this week.. new pieces from Nasty Gal, Anthropologie, some goodies from Madewell.. basically all little things I was gifted during Christmas.

That being said, I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and I will update soon, back in the Queen City :)

Camo Jacket: Zara
Scarf: Boyfriend's
Striped Top: Forever 21
Leather Laser cut skirt: Akira
Boots: Zara



  1. that jacket is fab.. I have the same one with rhinestones and I wear it with everything!

  2. Love totally :) Cute and chic ! ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. So hot. Love the boots

  4. Love those boots!

  5. wish i could wear knee-high boots too! it's not doable here though :( Camo really fits anything! androgenous enough to put contrast on your dainty skirt. Interesting!