Friday, June 7, 2013

Brooklyn Babe

A Short little post for you guys today! Something I wore romping around the Williamsburg Flea Market last weekend when the weather was a little fickle and decided to revert back into the 50's.. then the 80's.. then the 70's.. I don't understand! Anyway, it is a little difficult right now with my intensely busy work schedule and being without my regular photographer. But, I'm sure you all understand and I promise I'll get a hang of the NYC time management thing ASAP. I plan on taking LOTS of pics this weekend (just make this rain go away for me).

I just paired one of my favorite colorful shawls with a cropped sweater and some high rise jeans.. a great formula for a cute outfit if you have several color/pattern variations of those specific items.. it's one of my "go-to" "no-fail" type of outfits. I just add little unique accessories like a fringey bag and some gold sandals & a hat here and there.

Would you be interested in seeing me blog my daily activities here in NYC? I feel like I may just start carrying my camera around at all times (I know I may start to look obnoxious but I do not mind). I could incorporate a day at my internship (what it's like to work at a magazine as a fashion intern).. I could do a weekend day.. a day in Brooklyn.. Let me know of your suggestions and if that is something you think will be interesting! I'll still mix traditional outfit posts in there of course.. Let me know!! 

Kimono: BCBG
Cropped Sweater: BCBG
Pants: Brandy Melville
Sandals: Topshop
Hat: H&M
Bag: Target


  1. I love your outfit and think that carrying your camera around is cool! I would like to know your daily routine!

  2. I think mixing it up would be a great idea.. also, I love those pants!!! ^_^

  3. great kimono !!! :)

  4. This is so perfect, I love the sunglasses xo

  5. you make me have urges to buy lots of hats and awesome kimonos, love it!

  6. Love the simple cropped sweater! xx
    Astrid from

  7. Fantastic outfit!!! I love the pants!!


  8. A day at your internship and a day in Brooklyn would be very stellar! And i love this outfit (:

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  11. That second picture is so beautiful, like a piece of art :)

    Much love,

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  13. I would love to hear more about your internship, also some snapshots of your daily life in NYC would be cool too! Love your outfit posts as well!

  14. Cool outfit! I love your hat :)
    Doing a "day in new york" thing would be really cool! Especially the internship, I would LOVE to internship in NYC so that would be awesome!

    1. Thanks Niki! I'm glad you would be interested.. I will see how I can bring about that within the next week or so (: XO

  15. Love the setting and outfit!!

  16. love that you blog about what you actually wear! Your outfits are so creative and wearable at the same time!! :D


  17. Next year I'm moving to New York to study Fashion Journalism at Sarah Lawrence College, and I'm hoping to intern at many fashion magazines before I graduate! I would absolutely love to hear your stories/adventures while on the job... You are such a lucky gal! My dream job would be working in the accessories department- I'm all about the shoes!

    Xo, Hannah