Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I've been going through this phase where I've been pairing boots with pretty much everything. I think it is because the streets here are so grimy & uneven they are destroying all my pretty shoes.. No bother.. I finally broke down and bought some actual Doc Martens.. I have a plum colored pair that are eons old but I've always wanted the classic black pair.

Anyway! I just found this outfit to be pretty fun and I really enjoy the denim vest with the ripped leopard patches.. very rock and roll. I found some more hats this weekend to add to my collection so you all can stop being bored to death by my maroon bowler hat (haha). Honestly, it was an outfit of basics mixed in with a statement vest and a dark plum lip color a la Courtney Love (whom everyone seems to think that I resemble .. hopefully pre-drug days). 

Hope you all have a fabulous week xo!! 

Vest: Hot Heart ( get it here!)
Skirt: Nasty Gal
Crop Top: Vintage
Hat: Random Hat Stand
Boots: Doc Martens
Bag: Boohoo



  1. love this post one of my favorites

  2. I really adore the vest and skirt combo!!

  3. That vest is AMAZING!! Great outfit :)

  4. great photos! i love this skirt with the crop top.
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  5. I'm obsessing over that vest - you look gorgeous! xo

  6. I love the way you wear those Doc Martens. Personally, I'd never wear them, BUT they look great on you.

  7. Highly descriptive blog, I loved that a lot. Will there be
    a part 2?

    Here is my blog post; adt home security

  8. You do resemble courtney love (in a good way)! Love the Doc Martens. I've had a pair in my shopping cart for ages but haven't made the commitment yet. They are so heavy!

    1. You need to make the commitment haha! You wont regret it.. but I was the same way!

  9. Love it!! I'm so jealous of your hat collection! I think I need to go into some more vintage stores to try and find some :)

  10. You look so beautiful! Love your oversized vest!

    Xo, Hannah

  11. love the grunge look por today's look! <3

    The Key Item