Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Cosmos

I apologize for the lack of updating and the over-abundance of photos in this post. I just got my new EOS and I'm pretty much obsessed.. you can see the change in quality of the photos is just incredible. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and are already planning NYE celebrations just a few days away..

I really just am in straight-up love with this Cosmo Print Peplum top from INLOVEWITHFASHION .. I have received SO many compliments wearing it around.. I even wore it to a Christmas eve party. The quality is just lovely and the flowing back train with the slit is just oh so feminine. Not to mention, the colors are stunning and work with just about any accent color, I chose hot pink here because I thought it went lovely with this necklace & beanie I received for xmas.. :) I could not recommend shopping with them more highly!!

I still have my discount code so just enter OliviaShutey25 at the Checkout for 25% off!! You won't regret it!


I did promise I would announce my Giveaway winner on Christmas Day! I know I am (slightly) late but I did contact my winner yesterday if that makes a difference!

Congratulations Paola Pascua !! I emailed you so please check your inbox for more information!! Thank you SO much to everyone who entered.. I had such a hard time picking the winner that I had to ask my boy for help!! I wish I could have given away several dresses!! Thanks again to INLOVEWITHFASHION for such a wonderful giveaway, and thank you to everyone who entered. I will be having more soon!!


Cosmic Peplum Top: Inlovewithfashion!
Beanie: Anthropologie
Zipper Pants: Zara
Maroon Bag: Akira
Boots: Nine West
Coat: BCBG


  1. I love the top!!! And the necklace works really well with those colors!!

  2. The top is just stunning! I hope you had a fantastic Christmas!

  3. That top is amazing! So bad I didn't see this before:( The top looks really different in their website.

    1. I know I was very pleasantly surprised by how beautiful it is in person :) Definitely would recommend it!

  4. Hi Olivia!

    Received the email with much thanks :) I'm still overwhelmed about the opportunity. Besides, what matters is that I have a new found friend :) *wink*

    You may come across my post about the dress and I'll tag you along :)

    Again, I am very very thankful! I can't way to share my happiness when the dress arrives. Soooo excited :)

    Your top here is fantastic by the way. Cosmics are now trending and very flexible to start with. They significantly add immediate vamp to your outfit :)

    Keep looking fab dear! :)

  5. Nice! Very Christopher Kane - he was the king of these kinds of prints (space, crocodiles, etc.) for a while. Nice that it seems like it only costs like 30€, too.

    Hope you had a nice christmas and didn't freeze too much in this photo session. I've got some updates in the works.

  6. Wow, amazing! Love the bright pink with this top! :)