Wednesday, December 12, 2012

All I want for Christmas..!

Hi all! I am currently cuddled in a corner of finals week depression and am unfit for the world to see.. Also, I have the flu. So naturally I have been browsing the interwebs and looking at pretty things all day.. 

I am the kind of person who, when someone asks me what I want for Christmas/birthday/etc, I say "errr  I don't really want anything!!" This is entirely FALSE. I don't know why I compensate with that answer. I desire many things..

So I decided to put together a little Christmas list for you all.. maybe send some inspiration to my fellow indecisive-s. All links to the products are included.. If you have a wish list on your blog- let me know! I would love to look through them.

Best always, and I'll post a new look AND the start of a new giveaway within the next couple of days.. keep checking back!! xoxo!




Miscellaneous Things

5. This YSL beauty is just a dream to own.. but if anyone has any suggestions for a similar skirt... PLEASE SPEAK NOW :)
12. Macaron Box (these are sold out almost everywhere!!)
13. Canon EOS D60 - My ultimate wish :)

So, I hope you all garnered a little inspiration..if anyone wants my shipping address- don't hesitate to ask ;)

and remember.. if you have a list you want me to see.. leave me a comment!!


  1. the tassel boots are so cute!! Miles has a Canon 60D and he is totally obsessed with it. It's definitely worth the money spent..

    Happy Holidays!

    1. I've heard so many good reviews it's kind of what sealed the deal on that one.. glad to hear another one :) ! Have an awesome holiday dear! xoxo