Tuesday, December 18, 2012

California Winter

It's a sad sad day when your favorite Levi's ripped shorts are becoming too ripped to function.. they provided me some great wear over the years.. but they are slightly transforming into ripped underwear haha. I am not the one for overly short-shorts so I suppose they will be retired soon.. tear. 
I figured I would give them a final hurrah because we have been having the most abnormally warm winter in Cinci (yes, winter!) Something simple and comfortable. Also, I have about 10 loads of laundry to do so I had to make something out of what I have left in my closet . 

This mint beanie is my absolute favorite (although now slightly rivaled by a pink one I picked up for Anthropologie the other day). I tried to smile a little bit in these because you always get those people who say "ohhh you really don't ever smile in your photos!" I guess I have just always been self-conscious because I have had a lot of mouth surgery since I was born without two of my front teeth.. weird, I know! But the good news is, this will finally be done in a couple of weeks and I'll have a beautiful new smile!! I  can't wait :)

Hippy Flower Top: Free People
Shorts: Vintage/ DIY
Mint Beanie: UO
Cleatas: Jeffrey Campbell


I hope you all are having a wonderful time doing your Christmas Shopping.. Remember there is still plenty of time to enter my INLOVEWITHFASHION Giveaway where you can win a dress of your choice!! 

I am picking the winner on Christmas day so I ask you please leave me a comment on this entry following the directions from the previous one! Thanks to everyone who has entered so far.. I love reading through them!!!

Much Love, Always


  1. I really love those shorts.. I know what you mean about losing your favorite pair.. it sucks!! RIP haha.

  2. Your floral top is gorgeous! Love the whole outfit!

  3. i love this outfit the shoes are amazing!.


  4. love your outfit, following you on Facebook!
    I'll be happy if you want to take a look to

  5. You are so cute when you're smiling :)
    Great match!
    I especially like your beanie and your shoes! ♥

    St├ęphanie T.

  6. You have an awesome smile! Seriously!
    And I love the mint beanie it's so cute <3


  7. Love that sweater! and it goes perfect with those shorts. You look great!

    I wish NYC winters were just as nice as California's!


  8. Hi, I saw this outfit on chictopia and then came over here since you said you have a giveaway. In any event everything you wear is so wonderful. those shorts are very torn but maybe you could save them by wearing tights underneath. I saw mint tights on someone on chictopia and all the sudden I was thinking, oh man I want mint tights even though I have no idea what I would wear them with. Love the beanie. Can't wait to see how you style your pink beanie. I don't have a google account or anything else but if you pick me as a winner you can send me a message at ntonibond@hotmail.com. Nina

  9. Your beanie is love! Too bad we don't have the same here available. But I like it when you wear the beanie with shorts, such a contrast yet very cute and chic! Soooo adorable :) It perfectly matches your top too. I have a mint tights by the way. You could get probably on Forever 21. I had one from them. :)

  10. Where did you buy that top? At the free people store? It's so gorgeous I love it!

    1. I got the top at a small boutique that happened to carry Free People.. I got it in August!