Monday, November 19, 2012


First off! I just am loving my new hair.. I feel like a whole new person. Do you all ever feel like that after you make a big change? I love it! It allows for so much creativity and new inspiration! Not to mention I feel taller and I can't go wrong there.. hehe.

I was feeling super military inspired after my beautiful yellow shirred sleeve top came in from the lovely folks at Naked Zebra .. they are a mecca of beautiful basics!! I was in awe because every shirt they have ( and believe me.. I had a hard time choosing just one style) comes in a plethora of colors... so for those of you terrible decision makers, you may just have to break down and get several colors of each one. I know I wouldn't mind this shirt in black, tangerine, and forest green... 

Oh and this studded military hat I scored for 5$ wasn't really that inspiring AT ALL ;)

Also, I may not be able to make another post before going on Thanksgiving holiday due to piling school work and exams.. So if that is the case, I hope all my American readers have a lovely Thanksgiving.. and to all my worldly readers I hope you all gorge yourselves on your favorite meals too.. you have my permission!!

Shirred Sleeve Top: Naked Zebra
Studded Military Cap: UO
Camo Pants: Target
Shoes: Zara



  1. amaziiiiing outfit post dear!!!love the pants and the top!!

  2. you look absolutely magazine fashion model here. the cutouts drape so cool, very military style with a twist! i'm supporting you by becoming your newest follower. keep these wonderful outfits coming!

    pandaphilia fashion